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Our mission is to protect the independent liquor retailer by helping them get the right product into the hands of the right consumer through the right experience.
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3×3 Insights champions the independent beverage alcohol retailer. We help retailers thrive in an era of growing competition driven by scale, commoditization, and e-commerce.

We provide tools, analytics, and services that give you a deeper understanding of your customer, and how you can better serve and market to them.

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Benefits of 3×3 Insights

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3×3 Insights Provides

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Basket Analysis

Provide visibility into your customer’s baskets to understand what products are purchased together.

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Price Sensitivity

Analyze pricing across local and national markets to ensure you’re capturing the best margin for your store.

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Category Analysis

Monitor sales volume by category and product to track major trends or shifts happening in your store.

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Demographic Information

Layer on third-party data to understand your customer demographics around your store and online.

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Promotional Impact

Measure the velocity of your promotions to determine the long-term impact of the sale.

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Time of Day Breakdown

Breakdown sales volume and product traffic into granular details to better optimize your staff and executions.

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Don’t waste time trying to answer simple questions by running multiple reports and spending hours trying to analyze it all. Get all your reports in one place. It only takes a few minutes to sign up.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does 3x3 DataBar work?

When you sign up for Databar, you get access to an entirely new suite of reporting and engagement capabilities designed to help you grow your business. You’ll receive custom login credentials for Databar and can login to the portal on any internet-connected device.

How do you get the data?

We work with you to determine the easiest and smoothest way to capture and analyze data. For POS systems with centralized servers, we can establish an export directly from the POS. For other systems, we use a simple peripheral device that sits outside your POS and captures data.

Is the data safe and secure? How do I know?

Retail partner safety and success is at the core of our business. We would never do anything to put the health and safety of our retailers in jeopardy.

3×3 data is stored in a secure AWS cloud. We back all of our data flow with an additional layer of military-grade encryption. We are fully PCI compliant. Rest assured, your data is safe.

Are you capturing private information about my customers?

No. We are fully PCI compliant. We can’t capture any information that wouldn’t go on the receipts you print (or throw out).

Are you the IRS?

Dear god, no. And we don’t share or sell your data to IRS.

Can other retailers see my data?

No. We never show direct reports from any of our partner stores. All data is fully anonymized before being added to market reports. The only person who can see your store’s specific data is you.

Free is too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There is no catch. The way we see the liquor industry, nobody wins if the entire independent channel is completely “dark” and lacking in data. Our business model allows us to work with retail partners like you for free because the rest of the industry is willing to pay to understand what goes on in the channel.

Will suppliers and distributors be able to see the data from my store?

Absolutely not. All data is fully anonymized, encrypted, and added into a larger repository before any reports are shared to retailers, suppliers, or anybody else (other than you).

Will it always be free? Will you ever charge me?

The base reporting will always be free. We will never make you pay for the reporting we are offering you today. Over the coming months, we will be rolling out a new set of marketing automation and engagement tools, which will incur a monthly fee. These are fully optional and only for retailers who find enough value in the service to pay.

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