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Gold Tier for Retailers

Understanding your store and customers has never been easier.

The Gold Package is the perfect package for today’s progressive independent beverage alcohol retailer. This package provides retailers access to:

  • Community of independent retailers
  • DataBar access to store, product and basket reports
  • Local market trends and insights
  • Store promotions and events performance
  • Customer demographics and insights


Premium Store Tier


One-time per store
membership fee


Red Tier Features
Store Sales Report*
Product Performance Report*
Category Measurement Report*
Basket Analysis Report*

Additional Benefits:
*DataBar Portal
Monthly Pulse
Supplier Programs

Get Started

*Multi-store retailers can upgrade to receive store comparison report.

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What is the 3×3 Retail Network?

The 3×3 Retail Network is the fastest-growing group of progressive independent beverage alcohol retailers from key independent markets across the country. Our mission is to provide retailers the insights and tools to compete and win in today’s changing landscape. Whether it’s competing against Total Wine in your local market or looking to increase foot traffic and sales, each retailer has direct access DataBar to analyze sales, product and basket performance data. By joining the 3×3 Retail Network, you’ll get access to a network of retailers, insights and reports that will guide your business into the future.

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Benefits of Gold Package:

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Basket Analysis

Provide visibility into your customer’s baskets to understand what products are purchased together.

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Price Sensitivity

Analyze pricing across local and national markets to ensure you’re capturing the best margin for your store.

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Category Analysis

Monitor sales volume by category and product to track major trends or shifts happening in your store.

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Demographic Information

Layer on third-party data to understand your customer demographics around your store and online.

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Promotional Impact

Measure the velocity of your promotions to determine the long-term impact of the sale.

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Time of Day Breakdown

Breakdown sales volume and product traffic into granular details to better optimize your staff and executions.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Kickstart growth today for a one-time fee of $495 per store.