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Our name, 3×3 Insights, refers to the three tiers of the beverage alcohol industry (manufacturers, distributors and independent liquor retailers) and the last three feet of the customer journey. As industry veterans and technologists who have long-lasting relationships in all the distribution tiers, our team knows firsthand the need and value for insightful data and customer engagement tools.

So, we’ve focused our efforts on the most valuable and hardest-to-attain consumer data by partnering with independent liquor retailers, restaurants, and bars to help companies throughout the industry better understand and sell to the beverage alcohol consumer.

Independent Liquor Retailers

3×3 Insights Team

Mike Provance

Mike Provance



Ron Gerrans



Eric Engstrom



Brad Bargen

Chief Engineer

Emily Newton | 3x3 Insights

Emily Newton

Executive Director & General Manager, Retail

Juan R

Juan Reffreger

Executive Director, Industry Solutions

Brad Davis

Brad Davis

Senior Director – Marketing Products

Mitch Berkoff

Mitch Berkoff

Senior Director, Data Management

Matt Henry Web Pic

Matt Henry

Enterprise Sales

Laura M

Laura Murphy

Senior Operations Manager

Melissa Berkoff

Melissa Berkoff

Director, Product Success


Evan Boyd

Senior Marketing Manager

Jeff N

Jeff Nedeau

East Coast Region Executive

Shannon N

Shannon Nagaoka

Product Manager


Conner Downey

Sales Operations Manager


Cole Clark

Industry Solutions

Stephen P

Stephen Paduano

Data Analyst

Dominik Wallace

Dominik Wallace

Technical Support Engineer